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Welcome to SkyRocketing Stocks!  By signing up for our free newsletter, you will be sent a Stock Alert when we profile our next stock.  We only profile a stock if we believe it has the potential to yield a 1000% return within the next 1 to 2 months.  A position of $1000 to $5000 is adequate in the profiled stock.

We watch stocks like BEHL which in April of 2009 within 6 weeks went from .0001 to .14 a $3000 investment returned $4,300,000.

We are  actively watching CBYI at this time.  CBYI just recently filed their Quarterly financials for the last few years and the Secretary of State of Nevada just posted them as being at Current Information.  Then usually the OTC Markets follow suit and post as well within a few weeks.  This is common practice if you watch filings of companies as we do….you would know what to expect next.  Companies usually only file to become Current when they are making money again.  It is not cheap to file.  They wait until they are about to come out with some really big news.  The last time CBYI did this was in October of 2013 within 4 weeks their stock price went from .0001 to .0049 a $5000 investment returned $245,000.  We are recommending to buy this stock right now…ASAP

We also like OPTI a company that sells Optimized Fuel Technologies that increase performance and mileage by 33% and blocks fuel emissions.  It’s revenue has been growing quarterly just like the stock price.  Since January 2017 when we first recommended the stock at $1.00 OPTI has climbed every month and is now trading at $9.00.  Buy this stock now and hold on to it.  We believe it has a value as high as $31 per share down the road.

Over a year ago WRIT went from pennies to .145 for another big gain.  We are watching it closely right now.   This stock has been as high as $2.00 within the last few years.  You can pick it up at .10 a share right now.  We look for it to jump over a $1.00 any day….very soon.

We like CRYO at this level around .80 a share.  The company owns rights to freezing stem cells from your own body for use later in life and rights to all the procedures.  Other countries are buying these rights through licensing offered by CRYO and our country doesn’t like the fact that Americans are going to other countries to get the procedures done.  We hear that some big news is about to come out soon.  Our Government is deregulating these types of companies and they are about to really take off.  Buy this stock and hold it and watch it grow forever.

Some of our profiled stocks may be micro caps, penny or subpenny stocks.  You will need to have an account open with E*Trade or a Broker that allows trades under a $1.00 per share.

When you receive a Stock Alert from us you will want to respond immediately.  Timing is everything because our profiled stock can skyrocket.  We will keep you informed with Stock Alerts but remember, WHEN you buy is far more important then the STOCK you buy.

Our speed readers and research specialist give us the advantage to find a stock that is ready to SkyRocket.  We only find 4 to 6 stocks a year that enter into this pattern.  Watch for our Stock Alerts and be ready!!!!!!

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